This home renovation thing is really frustrating. I've torn apart what is left of my house in search of the cable to hook my camera up to my computer so that I can post some 'before pictures' alongside my inspiration photos. I can't find it anywhere. To add insult to serious injury, my office is a part of the renovation, and has been completely dismantled. My husband just set up the computer in another room and my entire "Blog File" has miscellaneously diappeared. ARGH!!! I was looking forward to posting an inspiration board for my livingroom and unfortunately I've lost all my inspiration, not to mention all of my bookmarks. : ( I did, however, find this one photo that is the basis for what I'm planning.

I already have the Rachel Ashwell Couches, well one couch and one really big loveseat. I scored my chandelier from the Elephant's Trunk Flea Market in New Milford Ct, which I highly recommend. It was the bargain of the century at $90 and is stunning. I'm having the tables made through Gypsy Farmhouse Antiques in Cedar Grove, NJ. Unfortunately, they don't have a website. It's a great antique store that is set up in a brightly painted old house right on route 23. In addition to 3 floors of fabulous antique finds, they custom make gorgeous furniture out of among other materails, old barnwood. More to come ; )

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blushing apples said...

i'm sorry to hear about the lost files in your comp! i keep my favorite pictures in a flickr account; much easier!

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