While perusing Trunkt this evening, I came across a promotion offered by one of my favorite photographers Alicia Bock and wanted to share. She's offering 10% off all orders through 12/15/07. Simply enter the code TRUNKT07 at checkout. I bought myself a few early Christmas gifts. (3) lovely 8x8 photographs matted to 11x14 for easy framing. I can't wait to finish my living room to hang these, they're just stunning. Alicia's work uses a combination of vintage and modern cameras resulting in photographs that highlight the dust and scratches that make vintage photographs so utterly charming. At just $54 each, minus 10% with your discount, they would make a lovely holiday gift for a special friend or family member.

I chose Summer's Green, Blush and Of the Way We Were, yet she has a nice assortment of additional botanicals as well as locations, abstract and textures and also offers prints on fine art canvas for an additional cost. Hurry as the 10% off offer expires on 12/15.



Well, lot's of home reno and Christmas shopping progress was made this weekend and so I thought I'd share. After much debate and me actually telling off a saleperson in one horrible flooring store, we (finally) purchased our flooring for the livingroom/dining room . A nice handscraped teak from Virgina Millworks. With any luck it'll be actually on my floors by next week and I'll post a picture. On a reco from a friend, I went to Lumber Liquidators (they have a warehouse in South Hackensack, NJ not to far from where we live), and I was actually pleasantly surprised with the selection.

The contruction guys were also back this weekend and I finally now have a 1/2 ton steel beam holding up the second floor. (Fingers crossed) it'll all pass inspection and/or my stepdaughter's room won't come crashing down into my livingroom and I can finally have my house finished by next week.

As if dropping $3000 on flooring wasn't enough to lay out in one weekend, I decided to make as big of a dent as possible in my Christmas shopping as December is going to be madness at 'the day job' and I won't have much time to think about it after this week. I'd say I'm 50% done. Not bad for never having left my house. : ) Here's what I got. (Friends and family members, no peeking...)

Top left and right: Roadster Fire Truck ($69) and Fire Fighter outfit (34.99) from Back To Basics Toys for my little nephews who are currently obsessed with firemen.

2nd row left: French Alphabet Flash Cards $24 from Posh Chicago.

2nd row right: Adorable handmade sweater dress from Angora Knitter $30

3rd row left: Beautiful set of decoupaged coasters with soldered aluminum edges ($30) from Sidney Ann for a coaster obsessed friend along with a lovely pair of Kevia earrings for her purchased at Blufly with a coupon code DOR127 where I got $30 off my total order--which of course included this little Twelfth St By Cynthia Vincent dress for me ; )

4th row left: Kevia gold bangle with leaf via Blufly $45

4th row right: Part of a large gift basket for my scent obsessed friend, a Mistral Lychee Rose scented glass candle. $22. How pretty is their packaging?!!??

Bottom left: 12 card collection presented in an elegant box of birthday cards, thank you cards, get well, with love and miss you cards from Cecily Ink $25

Bottom Right: Gorgeous calendar from Cecily Ink $14

Top Left: Citizen Nighthawk watch for my hubby. It retails for $450, and I got a great deal with free shipping at EWatches.

Top right: Mom and floral diamond charm necklace from Helen Ficalora

Second row left: My 'go to gift' for guys, Skin Supplies for Men from Clinique. Guys love this stuff and I get a nice discount at 'the day job'.

Second row right: I'm a sucker for pretty packaging and how beautiful is this? A lovely rose scented reed diffuser from Fresh Body Boutique $32.99 I'm tempted to keep this one for me ; )

Third row left: I ordered the 'The Bin' container in this beautiful damask pattern from the Macbeth Collection to use as a gift box which will hold the rest of the items pictured ...Orange blossoms room spray $16 from Fresh Body Boutique; A beautifully packaged mimosa, white musk and cedarwood milk protein soap $7 from Mistral; Blackberry scented sugar body scrub $24 also from Mistral; and a French Lavender scented reed diffuser from Fresh Body Boutique $32




I think I must be the only person on the plant who doesn't own an IPOD and so I've 'asked Santa' to bring me one for Christmas. He asked me to pick out my color and so I did a little searching online. I came across these very fancy options from Xexoo, and while I know it's very Lyndsey/Brittany of me, I can't help it, I LOVE them. Santa, if you have an extra $50,000 lying around, I'd love one of these.

Or, I suppose I could settle for this one. The enclosure with rounded edges is done in 18kt gold. Also from Xexoo.

If you're in the market, according to their website, each is made to order and delivered to you by secure transporation anywhere in the world. They'll even send one of their sales professionals to deliver to you personally.

: )



The Amsale Design Group will be holding a two day stock and sample sale on 12/1 and 12/2 that is by appointment only. Bridal gowns from Amsale, Kenneth Pool and Christos, as well as dresses from Amsale bridesmaid and party collections will be priced 30-70% off retail. A large selection of brand new gowns will be included and discounted up to 30% off retail. Sale gowns are priced as low as $750!!! Gowns that retail for $5,000 are now marked down to just $1,500! All sales are final. For appointments, call 212-583-1700.



Anything from Back to Basics Toys. This company was founded in 1988 by discerning parents who wanted their children to enjoy the same quality of play that they remembered and cherished. Favorite products and playthings triggered many happy memories for both parents, but at first they figured classic toy collecting would simply be a passion and hobby. Like many young parents they felt they had their plate full juggling "real jobs" and children, but their family and friends convinced them to start a catalog company from the basement of their house. Over the years Back To Basics Toys has continued to help bring back classic, quality toys that had disappeared from the shelves of American toy stores. Their goal is to continue to offer alternatives to the increasing number of toys that are inherently violent & poorly made. They are committed to being a unique source for classic toys, and products with quality craftsmanship and value. Here's a few of my favorites from their catalog. Of course I've picked some of the pricier items. However, they have endless options in all price ranges. Take a look!

Top Left: Okay, even I want one of these. ~ a pink convertible in 1920s style! $179.99

Top Right: Pink Retro bycycle $179.99

Middle Left: My sister would kill me if I got this for my nephews.. toy drum set includes 7 percussion instruments: bass drum, 4 snare drums, and 2 metal cymbals with a deluxe electronic rhythm tutor that teaches your child how to play. Using 40 pre-recorded songs, the tutor lights up to show your child which part of the drum to strike in the correct tempo. Includes 8 melody and rhythm variations and 4 learning levels. Also includes 2 drumsticks, foot pedal, and stool. $99.99

Middle Right: Hohner guitar features nylon strings, real turnable machine heads, and an accurate fingerboard. Comes with a songbook and color-coded finger position markers for easy learning. Tuning pitch pipe also included. $39.99

Bottom Left: A real Roller Coaster pulls two sets of cars up the first big hill. They then fall freely and quickly around twists and turns back to the start again. Plays 15 all-time classic tunes and 15 Christmas carols (which can be turned off) as tiny lights twinkle for added realism. Made of durable plastic with ornate metal detailing. AC adapter included. $119.99

Bottom Right: Spring Horse provides a plush and comfortable ride. Galloping horse sounds add to the fun as rider squeezes the sound chip located in horse’s ear. Great for children with lots of energy. Smoothed edges and protected springs keep riders safe. Supports riders up to 100 lbs. $129.99



I want to get divorced and married again, just so that I can wear this silk white brocade dress with from Oscar De La Renta. ($3,190 at Saks). Don't get me started on those beautiful white satin dorsay shoes with the diamond buckle. ; )



I'm in desperate need of a pre-holiday haircut. Sadly, my favorite stylist at Bumble has left the business. Ugh! How could she? Doesn't she know how long it took me to find her? You see, I have short hair. If you have short hair, you know what I mean when I say there's a fine line between "stylish pixie" and "lesbian chic". I stumbled across a listing on Ny Magazine regarding Oscar Blandi Salon offering 20% off on all cuts and colors on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays through 12/31. A favorite among celebrities such as Katie Holmes, Julianne Moore and Jennifer Connelly, Oscar was designated 'the perfect stylist' by Allure Magazine. How bad could it be, right? I'll post the outcome after Thanksgiving : )



If you haven't done so already, definitely check out Golden Isles Wedding Planner, Terrica Skaggs's blog Once Upon Your Wedding. The girl is just plain hysterical. I was cracking up out loud at today's post re: "New Rules"...see below...

"New Rule: Let’s cease and desist on telling people you have a designer wedding dress. You got it for $22 off of eBay. The tag even says “Oscar de la Rented“. And seriously, no one believes you anyway– you’re spending a total of 7,000 for your entire wedding with 250 guests, yet have the money for a designer gown? Ok. Sure. If you want a nice term for it, say your gown is “designer inspired”.

New Rule: No more going to bridal shows for the food and freebies when you have 95% of your wedding planned. Why are you entering to win a free 10X14 from XYZ photographer when you already have paid off the photographer for your own wedding? Oh, and FYI– eyeballing vendors’ tables while sucking the life out of a chicken bone and pawing their pictures and brochures is so uncute. Ask me how I know.

New Rule: Your wedding planner really doesn’t need you to give her a timeline. Believe it or not, she does this for a living. Giving the planner a timeline is like giving your surgeon an anatomy book. Think we’ve pretty much got it covered. Should the heavens fall and the oceans run over, thank goodness we have your timeline to fall back on.

New Rule: If you put any type of plastic on your reception tables (tablecloths, cutlery, plates, etc.), that’s an automatic 5 years in a maximum security prison. If you then say at any time, “…because I want a real classy event” while doing the above, your sentence is then changed to life with no parole.

New Rule: Stop cutting corners for your wedding! You can’t expect the very best when you get everything for your wedding at Ray Ray’s Chicken and Weddings. Anyone who claims to put “Clazz” or “Stylez” in your event is LYING TO YOU. You’ll be lucky if you don’t have the police at your wedding. The giveaway should’ve been when they showed you the birds for the dove release after the ceremony…and they were pigeons. Or maybe it should’ve been the illegal craps game going on in front of the door. Not sure. Take your pick. Public Service Announcement: Ray Ray cannot be your caterer, photographer and DJ too. Splurge a little. Get three SEPARATE vendors.

New Rule: She’s a four year old flower girl, not a Stepford Wife. Why is she in a huge replica of the bride’s dress? Furthermore, she only has an inch of hair– why do you have 30 rhinestone barrettes in it? She has on more make up than a burn victim and her head looks like a disco ball. If I were her mother, I’d probably fight you. No one will say “Oooh”, they’re probably saying “Eeewww”.



What girl wouldn't appreciate a little bling at Christmas? There are so many gorgeous options, you’re sure to find something in your price range. Here’s a few of my favorites…

Fresh, feminine and glamorous are the best words to describe Marcela Castillo’s fashion forward jewelry, Urban Embellishments. As designer and silversmith, Marcela crafts each piece individually, for many pieces selecting from vintage and antique elements, semi-precious stones, beads, and custom-made silver pieces. She creates her distinctive style by contrasting old and new. Stunning!

Charmed and Dangerous, the creation of mother and daughter team Sally Daner and Ariana (Daner) Falerni features a lovely collection of charm necklaces and earrings perfect for personalized gifts. Below is the ultimate gift for a new Mom or even a mom to be. Baby feet charm with a star personalized with the first initial of the baby’s name. ($35)

Anything from jewelry designer Max B is sure to please...(hint hint, honey if you're reading this...)

and ditto for Abigail Percy
like these Sweet Horse Chestnut leaves hoop earrings on the left ($240) or on the right, these dark smokey quartz cluster earrings which are hand-wired and clustered together to hang from hand-made ear hooks. These earrings are made from solid Sterling Silver wire that is then plated with 18ct gold for a soft antique look. ($50)

Sterling silver earrings from Indiaylaluna are dainty simple and perfect. (From $30)

and of course, my all time favorite, Lisa Levine



I stumbled across this on Once Upon a Wedding and had to share...I needed a good laugh tonight...: )


Business associates and clients tend to be the most difficult people to buy for. We don't know them that well, yet especially in my business, we don't want to give them something completely impersonal and boring. Luckily most of my clients and business associates are women, and working in a creative field, they typically appeciate things that are a little out of the ordinary. Here's a great list of options to consider for gifts for the client or business associate:

Who couldn’t use a beautiful hanging calendar from one of my favorite designers, Papaya. Available in Bird and Blooms or Bohemian. $14

The Little Pie Company, based in NYC, provides a delicious selection of homemade pies such as Sour Cream Apple Walnet, Key Lime, Southern Pecan and Cherry Pies among other flavors which are beautifully and not to mention sturdily packaged and sent via FED EX anywhere in the US. Starting @ $54 plus shipping.

I’m a sucker for anything roses. The La Vie en Rose Gift set from UK based Mirror Mirror features a stunning rose garland beaker from my favorite Swedish designer, Karin Eriksson as well as a large box of luxurious rose trimmed and rose scented aromatherapy bath melts. Mirror Mirror’s gift sets are wrapped in tissue and ribbon and presented in a chic white gift box making a beautiful presentation. About $57 USD plus shipping.

Stunning day planners, address books and journals from Paperblanks would make a lovely gift for a paper loving business associate. Available online at Amazon and Borders.




No lines, just click, click click to some great deals on Kate Spade bags, wallets and shoes. Brilliant! I scored a great baby tote for a friend's shower gift for $99. : )



Outdoor or indoor lounge areas are one of my favorite elements for weddings. It's a great add’l seating area during the cocktail hour or perhaps a conversaton and gathering area for guests after dinner. Outdoors, and during the chillier months, think about adding heaters, available through your caterer or rental company. Your lounge area should be comfortable and inviting and be a reflection of the rest of the d├ęcor at your event. For example , sleek and modern furniture for an urban chic event, or big comfy white down filled counches seperated by an antique coffee table for an event with a more rustic feel. Add pillows and throws in your color or pattern to complete the look. It’s a great area to place your guestbook, especially if you’re going with an non-traditional wish bowl or even a polaroid guest book.

Top Left: Oh So Fabulous
Top Right: Props for Today
Middle Left: The Knot
Middle Middle: The Knot
Middle Right: Yifat Oren
Bottom Left: Lucky Me
Bottom Right: Domino Magazine

Add’l Resources to help you pull together your own Lounge Area.
Eclectic Props
Bridge Props
Mod Prop



TRUNKT, the Buyer's Guide to Independent Art and Design and a showcase of artists, artisans and fine crafters is running a contest to win a $500 "Wish List Shopping Spree". All you have to do is create a free "Wishlist" on their site and add your favorite products. They offer beautiful items from jewelry to clothing and accessories from incredibly talented indie designers. You need 21 products in your Wishlist by November 15th. The winner will be randomly selected from all eligible WishLists on November 16th. I never win anything so I entered, how funny it would be if I win as I’m thoroughly coveting Max B’s Jewelry. Here’s a snapshot of what’s currently in my Wishlist…Good Luck!


As I'm still spending every waking moment working on my website, this post will be short and sweet. I stumbled across a great online home design/accessories store today that I just had to share. I'm making an effort to take my home in a direction that's a little more shabby chic/modern vs shabby chic 'froo froo' roses. While my dream would be for Designer's Guild to open a NYC store, or at least offer shipping for items other than their pretty candles for now I'll have to settle for Koo De Kir. A very well edited Boston store that Wallpaper, Travel & Leisure and Home Furnishings Today list among the "World's Best" for Home Accessories.

Here's a few of my favorites. Enjoy!

Top left: Emma Gardner's washable suede pillows
Top middle: Eva Zeisel Upright Vase Series
Top Right: The Cortina Floor Lamp by Pablo
Bottom left: Emma Gardner Tibetan hand knotted wool rug
Bottom middle: Eva Zeisel Pillow Vase Series



Photoshop, Illustrator, In Design...self taught, self taught, self taught...Dreamweaver and Flash, not so much. I've spent the better part of my day trying to update my stationery website. I'm not an overachiever. I don't expect my website to look as beautiful as this, but is it too much to ask for a simple little flash gallery? Jeez, it's a little like rocket science! I may have to breakdown and actually pay someone to help me. The picture below shows how far I actually got. BO-ring! However, stay tuned as I'm now obsessed with figuring this out...



The lovely and talented Abby over at Style Me Pretty just launched a very well edited collection of wedding service providers called Little Black Book. Hand picked listings for invitation designers, florists, caterers, photographers and more categorized by city. Brilliant idea Abby, I love it!

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