I've always been enanmoured with this lovely shot of a couple kissing under an umbrella during a rain storm on their wedding day. It prompted me to take a look around to see what's available out there in 'wedding worthy' umbrellas and parasols. Granted, some of these are for pure beauty a not coverage from a full on downpour, (check the fineprint on each website as some are indeed rain-worthy), but nonetheless all are stunning.

Lovely options from Pamela's Parasols

A new find with beautiful options from Pare Umbrella

Beautiful options from Umbrella Heaven

Pretty options in a variety of colors and styles from Cultural Intrigue

Beautifully handpainted monogram in fuschia by knottie (k)not_now


Kim Petyt said...

Ooh! I've always loved parasols as wedding accessories! There's a shop here in Paris called Alexandra Sojfer (it used to be called Madeleine Gely) on Boulevard St Germain that has been selling umbrellas and parasols since the 1800's- some of them are SO intricate and beautiful. Plus, it's such a lovely heirloom to pass down- styles change so it's always a gamble that your daughter (or daughters daughter) will want to wear your wedding dress- but a beautiful parasol is timeless!


Anonymous said...

wow!these are so beautiful:) it makes the bride looks more alluring on her big day when wearing those pretty umbrellas..might want to check out Wedding Accessories by Weddingstar for other nice ideas:)

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