Okay, tooting my own horn a little bit again but I'm desperate for feedack, so please 'come out of the woodwork' and give me your 2 cents...I've been working feverishly to update my invitation collection and actually make a go at this little design business of mine. The idea is to complete what I call a ''designer collection" and then base off of those designs a "classic collection" (ie: more subdued and mainstream yet correlating to the aesthetic of the designer collection) and then a "couture collection" also based off the designer collection but including all the bells and whistles--silk boxes, crystal adornments, midori ribbon, etc etc. So I'm in the process of updating the designer collection and would love your thoughts on my favorites thus far. Here they are...

Digital calligraphy letterpressed on thick copperplate paper. Printed outter envelope features a lovely damask envelope liner. Belly band with antique monogram names and wedding date is the carried through on the reply card as well as custom postage stamps.
Pretty calligraphy frame style also letterpressed on thick coperplate paper. I'm thinking the frame should perhaps be a little more delicate...thoughts?

Pretty rose floral pocket folder. The calligraphy frame on the cover reads 'today I wil marry the one I laugh with, the one I dream with, the one I live for". (Aw!!) Antique monogammed belly band holds the ensemble closed and is also featured on the custom postage stamps. Floral motif is carried through on the outter envelope label.
This is one of my favorites. A pretty peony motif in pink. This started out as a mock up for a friend, whose FI decided he was against florals of any kind on the invites. Poo poo! I finished the design anyway. ; )

And finally, a little more black damask witha pop of color....

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what I've done so far! My husband's "those look nice, honey" isn't terribly contructive ; )


Jennifer said...

They are so Classy! I do agree with you on the second style featured. Maybe you could make the frame in "color" and that would balance it out visually? any soft color, yellow (so hot right now) pink, a soft green or even Tiffany blue? I think you have a great selection and I can't wait to see your different collections! Great Work!

Darci said...

It's almost frightening how similar our styles/tastes are! I am working on something so similar to the first one for our invitations. I think these are all completely lovely...I agree that the frame on the second one could be a little more delicate. But these are fantastic! Good for you and beautiful work!

It's Lovely said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see!!! I hope you post them soon. I LOOOVE all things damask. It's taking much restraint not to have 100 different damask options in my collection. : )
Thanks for the feedback on #2--I'm working on an alternate as I agree with both you and Jennfer, that it needs to be a bit more delicate.
Keep me posted on your invite progress!

Parisian at Heart said...

I love them all...This is the exact style of invite I was looking for. Beautiful work!

People St.Clair said...

I think they are all beautiful. I love the first and third ones. I also agree with everyone about the second invite suite and the frame being a bit mor edelicate.

Everlasting Memories said...

I think these are beautiful, classy, elegant and sophisticated. I love the black and white since that is a popular color combo at the moment, although my favorite is the plum color because I love purples. I love what you're creating and hope you don't mind me featuring your blog on mine!

- -