I woke up this morning, grabbed my usual very strong cup of coffee and sat down to read my favorite blogs. I quite literally fell off my chair when I read yesterday’s Style Me Pretty post “Reader Blogs Galore”. Um, I’m one of them! Ladies, no lie, in the blogging world, this is like the equivalent of winning an Oscar. I adore and admire Abby and am so incredibly inspired by what she’s accomplished between her invitation design business and her blog. I can hardly believe she reads my blog let alone mentioned me as one of her blogs to watch . It’s funny, because when I first clicked on her page, I always scroll through the pictures first because Abby has incredible taste and the photos she posts are always gorgeous. I noticed immediately that she had posted the Alicia Bock prints that I just ordered. I thought, aw, how cool is that? Abby and I have the same taste in art. Then I read the post!!! Boom, fell right off my chair!

In honor of this happy moment, I’ve decided to finally offer the giveaway that I’ve been pulling together for the last few weeks. The prize is a huge assortment of my favorite cosmetics, skin care and hair products including:

A full size Clinique Moisture Surge Extra. I love this stuff. It’s a unique gel formula and leaves you with that dewey youthful glow we’re all after but since it’s a gel it kind of acts as a makeup primer so if you wear foundation, it looks flawless. A little tip...keep it in the fridge. It’s so refreshing to put it on when it’s cool. ; )

A full size Avon Anew Ultimate Age Repair Night Cream. Need I say more, it does what it says…

A lovely perfectly pink makeup bag filled with a tube of Clinique’s cult classic Dramatically Different Moisture Lotion, a sample of hair guru Frederic Fekkai’s Protein Rx PM Repair Stregnthener, a sample of L’Occitane Crème Ultra Riche Body Cream, a full sized tube of Clinique’s All About Eyes Concealer in light neutral, Clinique’s ever so popular Glosswear for Lips in Nude Nectar, and Clinique’s Color Surge Bare Brilliance Lipstick in Nude Beach (My favorite ‘no makeup makeup' lipcolor).

All you have to do, is go to my sister Meredith’s Avon website and register by December 15th. No purchase necessary, just register. Take a look around if you’re so inclined, but you don’t have to buy anything to win. On Dec 15th all names of those who registered will ‘go into a hat’ and Meredith will select the winner at random.

On a side note, my sweet, smart and gorgeous sister has been a devoted housewife and stay at home Mom to my adorable twin nephews for 10 years. She’s on a mission to better her life. As is usually the case, decent job opportunities are sadly limited to women who decide that taking care of their families is more important than maintaining their resume and so she’s turned to Avon to get on her feet.

Now ladies, as you know, I am a self confessed product addict. First of all, I work for a major cosmetics company and what I don’t get for free, I get at a very generous discount. You name the product, and at some point, I’ve had it on my face. We’re talking major, very expensive, cult favorite stuff and so I have to admit I was skeptical about Avon. Yet, I wanted to support my sis and so I’ve been continually ordering from her. I hate to admit it, but I’m kind of hooked. The Clinical Skincare Line is the bomb and I’ll never go back to my other brand. The Clinical Micro Exfoliant ($20) is that perfect combination of creamy with just enough ‘grainy microbeads’ to make you feel radiant, refreshed and like you’ve ‘made a difference'. Yet it's not so much that you look like Samantha from that "Carrie Book Party" SATC episode...if you’re addicted to daily exfoliation like me. The Advanced Retexturing Peel ($25) is kind of a mini glycolic peel in a pad and fabulous!

Some other Avon products that may interest you brides out there are some tasteful, lovely, yet inexpensive jewelry. I have several of Avon’s jewelry pieces and they are quite well made. I work in an environment where I’m literally surrounded by socialites who are clearly wearing ‘the real thing’. I get so many compliments on my little crystal Avon dangles, they think they’re the real thing. I have a stunning very expensive real diamond pair of Me & Ro’s and nothing. Yet those little Avon dangles get noticed. Go figure…. ; )

Here’s some of my Avon bridal appropriate favorites…

Top left: Vintage looking scroll motif necklace and earring set $19.99
Top middle: Simulated pearl and crystal accents choker and earring set $59.99
Top right: Circle necklace $14.99
Bottom left: Graduated crystals necklace: $14.99
Bottom center: Vintage look crystal necklace and earring set $19.99
Bottom right: Dainty crystal dangle earrings $14.99

Here’s a few add'l favorites. Who knew Avon gets the trends?

Top left: I kind of love this long faceted cat’s eye necklace, great for layering, just $14.99
Top middle: Long beaded necklace only $7.49
Top right: My favorite trend of the moment, charm necklaces. Disc pendants with sparkly bead accents $14.99
Bottom left: Bold filigree earrings $7.99
Bottom center: Teardrop hoops $9.99
Middle right: Charm with scroll etching design necklace and earring set $29.99

Don’t forget, the deadline to register for the giveaway is December 15th. I’ll announce the winner on December 16th. Feel free to spread the word.

Have a great weekend!


Darci said...

Congrats on the shout-out! You've been tagged...if you head to my blog you'll see what I mean :)

laissezfaire said...

Congrats! you deserve it! I knew it the first time I saw your beautiful blog!

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