Rumor has it that once The Plaza in NYC is finally finished with its renovation it will house the first US location of the favorite Parisian patisserie LaDuree. Life altering macarons aside, Laduree is famous for their stunning tea salons and boutiques throughout Europe and well as their branding in general which is the embodiment of French beauty elegance and charm. Take a look:

As I can see The Plaza from my 'day job' office my fingers are crossed they're planning to go for it and get the retail space and open a tea salon and not simply provide a few macaroons to the existing Palm Court Cafe. (as was the original rumor). I might as well move in if it's the tea salon as I'll host every 'out of the office' meeting there. ; )

Speaking of Laduree, take a look at these stunning watercolor paintings by Carol Gillet of the blog Paris Breakfasts. Many of her original watercolors feature Laduree's stunning packaging and are just so charming. She is currently offering a sale for her stateside readers. Pieces originally priced at $95, are now $80 plus free ground shipping through December 11th.

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