Anything from Back to Basics Toys. This company was founded in 1988 by discerning parents who wanted their children to enjoy the same quality of play that they remembered and cherished. Favorite products and playthings triggered many happy memories for both parents, but at first they figured classic toy collecting would simply be a passion and hobby. Like many young parents they felt they had their plate full juggling "real jobs" and children, but their family and friends convinced them to start a catalog company from the basement of their house. Over the years Back To Basics Toys has continued to help bring back classic, quality toys that had disappeared from the shelves of American toy stores. Their goal is to continue to offer alternatives to the increasing number of toys that are inherently violent & poorly made. They are committed to being a unique source for classic toys, and products with quality craftsmanship and value. Here's a few of my favorites from their catalog. Of course I've picked some of the pricier items. However, they have endless options in all price ranges. Take a look!

Top Left: Okay, even I want one of these. ~ a pink convertible in 1920s style! $179.99

Top Right: Pink Retro bycycle $179.99

Middle Left: My sister would kill me if I got this for my nephews.. toy drum set includes 7 percussion instruments: bass drum, 4 snare drums, and 2 metal cymbals with a deluxe electronic rhythm tutor that teaches your child how to play. Using 40 pre-recorded songs, the tutor lights up to show your child which part of the drum to strike in the correct tempo. Includes 8 melody and rhythm variations and 4 learning levels. Also includes 2 drumsticks, foot pedal, and stool. $99.99

Middle Right: Hohner guitar features nylon strings, real turnable machine heads, and an accurate fingerboard. Comes with a songbook and color-coded finger position markers for easy learning. Tuning pitch pipe also included. $39.99

Bottom Left: A real Roller Coaster pulls two sets of cars up the first big hill. They then fall freely and quickly around twists and turns back to the start again. Plays 15 all-time classic tunes and 15 Christmas carols (which can be turned off) as tiny lights twinkle for added realism. Made of durable plastic with ornate metal detailing. AC adapter included. $119.99

Bottom Right: Spring Horse provides a plush and comfortable ride. Galloping horse sounds add to the fun as rider squeezes the sound chip located in horse’s ear. Great for children with lots of energy. Smoothed edges and protected springs keep riders safe. Supports riders up to 100 lbs. $129.99

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Lucky Designs said...

I can definitely see my husband buying the drum set for our child one day down the line - too cute!

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