Today’s post is about unique placecard ideas. I love the unexpected, a little off the beat and path. Remember, legibility of the information at hand is of utmost importance. You’d be surprised what I’ve been through with brides who are in love with a beautiful yet completely illegiable font which must be used for her placecards. But really, let your imagination run wild. It’s one of those little details that guests actually remember when it’s a little different than every other wedding they've attended.

Think about interesting ways to display your placecards. A fabric wrapped board, suspended from ribbons perhaps from a large floral arrangement, or affixed to a clothesline by patterned clothespins from Susy Jack are all a little unexpected and sure to capture the attention of your guests.

Photos from left: Jessica Claire via Details Details; Charming Gardner; Jessica Claire; Susy Jack ; Knottie Bio NPWedding

It never ceases to amaze me how many guests are still truly amazed at the placecard votives. While not exactly ‘unique’ to us wedding addicts, guests love them and they’re a relatively easy DIY project. The key is to use a straight sided votive holder in order for the vellum to wrap neatly around the holder. 3M vellum tape is also key. All other brands I’ve tried won’t hold up to the heat of the candle. Be sure to have your venue light them no more than 20 minutes prior to the reception start time or they'll get a little too hot for your guests to handle.

Inexpensive candy bars can be rewrapped in coordinating scrapbook papers featuring an elegant pattern. While the individually imprinted ribbon used in this example may be a bit cost prohibitive for most, this idea can easily be adapted by adding a small tag with the the guest’s name and table assignment. Try a calligraphy font like Burges Script. You’re guests will never know it wasn’t done by hand. Check out scrapbook papers from Anna Griffin. Her elegant patterns lend themselves perfectly to weddings.

Photos from left: ivillage; Paper Addict

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What a beautiful collection. I love the chocolate bars - "Mr. & Mrs. Sweet"!!! How adorable.

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