I heart the 2008 Pronovias Vintage Collection of wedding dresses. My dress #1 was a Pronovias cap sleeve bateau neckline silk mikado number, quite similar to the dress in the top left of the photo below but with cap sleeves, that sadly never got to see the light of day. (It was ruined by the seamstress a month before the big day…don’t ask...)

This dress was so elegant in it’s simplicity, so perfect. I think that's what tripped up the seamstress. One false move on a simple dress and it'll definitely be noticed. Pronovias dresses are well made and very well structured. With a little wink and a nod to the 40’s and 50’s they are reminiscent of bygone era in fashion. If you’re planning a 40's movie star glamour inspired wedding, like Classic Bride in the inspiration board posted below, how perfect would it be to wear a dress from the Pronovias Vintage collection? Now available at their recently opened a flagship store in NYC at 14 East 52nd Street.


Anonymous said...

I love vintage fashion! I rocked a vintage type dress to my prom with some vintage sunglasses on at night. People looked at me weird for wearing them with my dress but I received way more compliments. It was all worth it.

Anonymous said...

I live in the UK and am getting married in 18 months. I have fallen in love with the Pronovias Vintage range - in particular the dress named Calcuta. I'm having no luck tracking a sample down to try on. Can anyone help??

Amy said...

I'm having the Carmin gown from this collection made for my wedding....once I saw it I knew that nothing else would do.

I think Pronovias have their own store on Bond Street in London - if they cant get it for you or tell you where to find it, no-one can!

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