Photographer, John Dolan is hands down the master at capturing the joy and excitement of a wedding with his effortlessly exquisite style. Its been said that he, along with a handful of other photographers back in the mid-ninties, helped to change the aesthetic of wedding photography by doing away with the static poses and cheese-y smiles and taking a less planned approach. He captures intimate moments in a photojournalistic manner, but with an eye for beauty. Having photographed the weddings of many celebrities including Ben Stiller, Will Smith and Jennifer Lopez it says a lot that his client list also includes numerous high profile art directors and magazine editors who have quite a descerning eye for photography, including Darcy Miller. Many these clients liked both John and their wedding images so much that they hired him for hi profile advertising campaigns as well. John’s approach is exactly the opposite of planned which is as it should be. He has said that “The less hard I work toward making a picture and forcing it, the better they are.” Here are some of my favorite shots by John from the wedding of Matt Lauer to his stunning bride Annette.

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