Okay, well, I guess it's "Sunday Night Paper" since it's 10:45PM on the east coast ; )

Forgive the sparse posts lately. I've been feeling crappy from all the Lyme drugs, but hope to be feeling better soon.

In the meantime, consider this a little teaser to an offer/contest I've been planning for my loyal readers for sometime now. Once the letterpress designs in my new collection are (finally) completed, I'll be offering several at wholesale pricing by drawing-1 lucky winner per set.

All details to follow, including how to apply for consideration so stay tuned : )

Many of the designs in my collection are still being tweaked, here are my favorites so far:


Mallinkowa said...

Beautiful, specially the pink version.

Annalenchen said...

I love your work and I enjoy reading your blog! Beautiful Invitations! Where do you get the lovely flower Images?

I just added your link to my blog.

greeds Lena

It's Lovely said...

You both made me smile : )
Annalenchen-The art I use comes from a million different sources. Alot of it I create myself in Photoshop from many different pieces of clip art. However, if you're looking for a good source one of the best and most inexpensive places is actually clipart.com

They have alot of the dover clip art which is really good, especially if you like 'antique-y' and 'florals' like me ; )

Annalenchen said...

Oh, thank you for the link. I will check it out immediately! ;o)

I will create our invitations at my own. So I am looking for great ressources.

Have an nice weekend!

Lara@ Southern Wedding Style Magazine said...

These are GORGEOUS! The blue dogwood design is perfect.

potatomamma said...

Very pretty. Your blog is very inspiring too. I design for weddings too - but cards with illustrations, that's my specialty.

Wishing you much continued success!

Happy Potato Greetings,

Anonymous said...

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